Hair Problems?

Regardless of whether your are natural OR currently wearing weaves, wigs, braids etc, your hair underneath should be nurtured in the proper way in order to prevent:

  • hair shedding/ breakage
  • thinning
  • bald spots
  • dry scalp
  • chemical damage
  • growth problems
  • or major fall out!


Hair Therapy is Your Solution..


At AshleeNycole Salon, we take healthy hair serious!

AshleeNycole Salon’s signature hair care packages were created for you to successfully grow your natural hair by truly focusing on your personal healthy hair care needs from the inside out.

We are continually well trained and educated in what your hair needs, which makes it easier for us to diagnose the perfect regimen for you to achieve healthy luxurious hair, even if you are currently in need of major hair repair...

Our hair care packages include customized natural and organic shampoos & conditioners made just for you and your natural hair type / hair goal.

We HAND MAKE your shampoo & conditioners.

We use personalized organic ingredients in addition to exemplified TLC, uniquely making your hair the softest, longest, most curl defined hair that you thought you could only imagine….

Our clients are raving with successful testimonies…

Choose Your Package Below¬†for the New Healthy Hair YOU…


(For Maximized results the $125 package is Best.)